Virtual works so well you might prefer it even when you can travel again

Your business thrives on effective publicity and networking. But some virtual events are anything but.
#boooooring #technightmare #noresults

You don’t need to figure out this virtual thing on your own. That’s why we’re here.

We’re trade show experts who’ve been developing custom, eye-catching exhibits since 2015. When the whole world went virtual, we moved our business online too — taking the best parts of our service with it.
A Purple Virtual event is electrifying, smooth & “oops”-free…and hits the target you’re aiming for.

Why go virtual?

Save time & money and endless hassle

Securing a location, planning the menus, organizing travel…who needs that? Run your conference or event, minus the headache and expense of endless detail coordination.

Connect to more people

How many people can you network with at the same time? Our software accommodates 10,000+ people, anywhere in the world, at a given time. Your only networking limit? Your typing speed.

Follow up effortlessly

With everything digital you’re not left with a useless stack of business cards for use “sometime”. You can follow-up after the event to provide samples and share more information.

Why Go PURPLE Virtual?

With us on your team, your virtual event will be
As vibrant as the real thing

We don’t believe in intense time pressuring calendars. We just don’t. With humor, cheer, and back-slapping our event journey is always lively and pleasant.

Smooth & painless

we don’t leave you to figure things out on your own. we’re there, holding your hand (only virtually, don’t worry)
through every single step of the event planning and set-up.

A whopping, goal-achieving success!

The entire event is developed around your goal-wht you want your event to accomplish. we draw on our extensive
exhibit background and wide network to ceate a custom event that exceeds your expectations.

Virtual events in every flavor

What type do you need ?

Trade shows

  • API integrations with user data
  • Avatar badges and profiles for upgraded networking
  • Live tech support during your event for organizers and attendees


  • Attendance capability to hold students accountable
  • User data and login reviews
  • Teaching toolbox: screen sharing, laser pointer, file uploads, video casting


  • Password-protected, private office suite
  • Presenter toolbox: screen sharing, laser pointer, and file uploads
  • Admin dashboard to manage user permissions and view analytics

Social events

  • Customized out-of-the-box venue. Create your event at the mall, a coffee shop, or you can even head to Mars
  • Interaction with voice/text chat, playful animations, and file sharing
  • Expandable seating to accommodate larger-than-expected crowds

How we make virtual events your reality

(cuz virtual is a real thing, even though it doesn’t physically exist)

Choose event type and date

Circle that calendar day in red!
How it works
You tell us your requirements and what you are trying to achieve. We Determine the features you need to accomplish your goal, and we map out the timeframe. We the arrange a meeting to confirm all the details and set-up the tech stuff
We’re ready to start planning!

Publicize your event

Get the word out to your network
How it works:
Your team develops branding – a logo and additional marketing materials. We guide you on the best banners, add, and outreach platforms to use. or We create your branding and help you market the event via emails, landing pages, social networks and whatsapp. Enrollment opens (free or paid-your choice) and people start booking
Registration numbers are going up

Event day!

Get out there & network
How it works:
Users create their own avatars (we have video + doc tutorials if they need help), then browse event offerings, chat with other attendees, exchange info, even do thrilling dance moves. Tech support ensures a glitch-free experience for all attendees – and you as organizer too
All the fun(and none of the hassle) of an in-person event.

You can't afford to stop connecting in this virtual world. Purple makes it easy.


How does pricing work?

Pricing starts at $10 per user plus fees based on the requested services.

I'm the opposite of tech-savvy. Can I still host a virtual event?

Absolutely. If you can like a LinkedIn post, you can host a virtual event. It’s that easy! 

We take care of all the technical details so you don’t have to.

And, day of, we’ll guide you and your attendees on how to navigate your avatar.

Do I need any special equipment?

Our app only works via a desktop. You need a laptop or computer with Windows 7 SP1+ or newer version or a Mac OS X 10.11 or newer version. Translation: You need a computer that is less than 10 years old. 

A microphone and headset will also give you the best experience possible, but it’s not essential.