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If you’re having issues or have any questions, please submit a ticket for troubleshooting help


How does pricing work?

Pricing starts at $10 per user plus fees based on the requested services.

I'm the opposite of tech-savvy. Can I still host a virtual event?

Absolutely. If you can like a LinkedIn post, you can host a virtual event. It’s that easy! 

We take care of all the technical details so you don’t have to.

And, day of, we’ll guide you and your attendees on how to navigate your avatar.

Do I need any special equipment?

Our app only works via a desktop. You need a laptop or computer with Windows 7 SP1+ or newer version or a Mac OS X 10.11 or newer version. Translation: You need a computer that is less than 10 years old. 

A microphone and headset will also give you the best experience possible, but it’s not essential.

Image Upload Guidelines

Hello! Let’s dive right in, create graphics like one would for the web. The smaller the file size and dimensions, the quicker the web page will load. The same rules apply to graphics that will be displayed inside the private campus (a 3D immersive application). The great news is, that graphics that may appear low resolution on a web browser, look a lot better in the 3D space. They are viewed from various distances as users interact and walk in the space, so they are not experienced in the same way they would be on a web page.


Tip: If the designer has the opportunity to walk through the private campus before beginning design, they will gain a better understanding that smaller files look as good as large ones.** Images displayed on a web browser that appear lower quality or pixelated tend to look smoother and of higher quality when displayed on the private campus. The benefit to smaller dimensions and file size is a better performance of the application and all engaged users. 

**4000 x 1000px looks as good as 1000 X 100px

Please note: each user will need to be assigned the appropriate permissions/role to interact with the image panels and webs boards which can vary on private campuses


Web Boards


Web boards may be used in a few different ways, our primary focus for this article is how to prepare static graphics. Web boards may also be used to display a web page(s), play a video, screen share, or share a view using one’s web camera.


Upload file types:  Single graphic image files: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .png
        (transparency is not preserved on a web board)

Upload multi-page
file types pdf or .ppt

Video file types:  WebM format 1080P, or .MP4

            (Note: MP4s will be converted to WebM on the back end, which may cause the file size to exceed the upload limit)
            Default max
            upload size:      30MB

Browse Web:  URL

Additional Features:  Screen share, Webcam share


Various web boards around campus will have different dimensions. To find the exact dimensions navigate to https://browsersize.com/Look at the top right for the screen size and use those dimensions as a starting point.


Creating a Graphic for a Web Board


For a graphic to fill the entire board, the file should be set up to match the dimensions found using the browser size tool. Create the graphic in an image processing application such as photoshop, flatten all layers, and then save the file.  Save for Web as a bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .png. Ensure the file size is under 30MB.


Web Board


Creating Graphics for Image Panels


Example default globe on the left and a .png graphic loaded on the right


The dimensions for an Image Panel wall graphic can vary. The default globe image is shown in the areas where wall graphics may be uploaded, square and rectangular shapes. However, a designer is not limited to the shape of the image panel. If a graphic with transparency is uploaded, the wall will show through where the graphic is transparent.


The square and rectangle shapes provide guidance for a designer. This helps keep the look and feel consistent in a particular space.


Here are some dimensions that will help a designer get started:

Square:          Max width or max height 300px

Rectangle:  Max width or max height 600px

Upload files: Single graphic image files: .bmp, .gif (not animated), .jpg, or
 .png (preserves transparency)

Max upload size:  2MB


The height is not a hard fixed height and neither is the width. The final image(s) will be proportionally resized to fit the wall image panel area. What needs to be determined upfront is the final look that one is trying to achieve in a scene and plan accordingly for design consistency.


Remember each scene is like a web page, the more graphics there are, the longer it will take
to load. 


Example wall with default globe images



Example wall in the Expo Hall lobby area with uploaded graphics


Image panels are also clickable links


A special feature is that the image panels can be made clickable and will launch an external browser. This is a great way to get users to respond to a call to action. Check the box and enter the URL in the space shown below.


Expo Hall Graphics


Recommendations for “Banner” outside the Expo Hall in the Lobby area


File format:  .png files with transparent backgrounds

Max file size:  2MB or smaller when possible

Dimensions:  max-width 700px

Note:  Images automatically resize to fit within the given banner space.
       The blue cloudy background image will remain or appear as a border.



Example of .png file with transparent background

Recommendations for Expo Hall overhead Logo space, Logo, and  Icon space (podium)


Right-click on the right side of the logo space to change the Hex Color of the Booth

Upload logos with a transparent background over the background color for the best
looking results.


File Format:  .png files with transparent backgrounds

Max file size:  2MB or smaller when possible

Dimensions: Noted below for each booth style. Images automatically resize to fit the overhead logo space and icon space. Recommended sizes below are max-width


Example of a blue hex color and a white .png file “logo” with transparency


Recommendations for web board 


Web Board Graphics browser sizes have been noted below for the expo hall booths

See instructions on page 1



• Single style A

◦ 1 overhead logo space: max width 600px

◦ 1 icon space (podium): max width 100px

◦ 1 web board: 900x613px

◦ 1 web board placeholder image: 900x613px

• Single style B

◦ 1 overhead logo space: max width 600px

◦ 1 icon space (podium): max width 100px

◦ 1 web board: 900x613px

◦ 1 web board placeholder image: 900x613px



• Double style

◦ 1 overhead banner logo space: max
  width 600px

◦ 1 podium logo space: max width 300px

◦ 1 podium icon space: max width 100px

◦ 4 image boards: 355x282px

◦ 1 web board: 900x591px

◦ 1 web board placeholder image: 900x591px



• Quad style

◦ 1 ceiling logo banner space (logo x4): 

max width 600px

◦ 2 overhead banner logo spaces

max width 600px

◦ 2 vertical banners: max width 300px

◦ 1 podium logo space max width 300px

◦ 2 podium icon spaces max width 100px

◦ 6 image boards: max width 300px 

and 700px 

◦ 5 web boards 900x577px
  (4 are 900x577px) (1 is 900x621px) 

◦ 5 web board placeholder images: 900x577px

◦ 2 private volume tables

▪ 4 seats each


End Corner and Center

◦ 1 web board (shared between pvs) 

900x491px for four corners

900x600px center for two center
web boards

◦ 1 web board placeholder image 

900x491px for four corners

900x600px center for two center 

web boards

◦ 2 private volumes with

▪ 1 chair each

▪ 1 table each

Can hear ambient noise, but not voice (Windows)
This issue is caused by having multiple sound input/output devices (like a built-in microphone, headset, and speakers). You will need to set your headset as the default device under the sounds settings in Windows.

Hit the Windows key  on your keyboard and type: Sound

Hit Enter.
 Once inside the Sound options, choose your Headset under “Output” and your headset microphone through “Input
You may also need to check your sound settings in the control panel sound options.
Hit the Windows key  on your keyboard and type: Sound
You will need to choose the Change system sounds” which should be the second option from the top when you do the search.
If using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can right click on the Speaker icon on the bottom right of your screen, and then choose “Playback devices” to go straight to your speaker setup, or “Recording devices” to go to your Mic setup
A windows will popup. Make sure you click on the “Playback” tab on the top left of the window. Once on the “Playback” menu, right click on your headset and then click on “Set as Default Device”. You may have to right click again and “Set as Default Communication Device” as well, or if you see a Telephone icon present on the wrong device
Once you set it as the default device, the icon should switch from a telephone icon to a checkmark icon like in the screenshot below.
For the Mic settings, make sure you are on the “Recording” tab and then right click on the microphone you would like to use, preferably from a headset, and then choose “Set as Default Device”. You may have to right click again, and “Set as Default Communication Device” as well, or if you see the Telephone icon present on the wrong device.
If you only see one device for either Playback or Recording devices, you may find your issue resolved by right clicking and selecting “Disable”, and then right clicking again and selecting “Enable”. If the device disappears, right click the empty square and check the box that says “Show Disabled Devices”.
Click “Ok” and restart the Purple World
The Purple World is Running Slowly
If Purple World is running slowly, there are few things you can do to increase performance. You don’t necessarily have to do all the things on this list; experiment with one change at a time, to see which has the best impact and preserve the graphical settings you prefer over others.


Close Non-Essential Programs
The first thing you should try, which will not have any effect on the Purple World’s graphical settings is to shut down any non-essential programs. Depending on your computer specifications (and the resource requirements of the other applications), running other programs while the Purple World is running could drastically affect your computer’s performance.

Make sure you are running on the Fastest Quality setting (configurable when you choose a resolution). This will increase the Purple World’s speed, at the cost of the smoothness of models in the virtual space.

(This window is not available for Mac users) 


Reduce your Target Framerate 
This affects how many frames per second (FPS) will be rendered. Reducing this will make characters move with much less fluidity, but the Purple World itself will run much faster.

  • Click the Cog menu in the upper right of your screen 
  • Select Preferences 
  • Click the 10 or 20 button 
Switch to Simple Avatars
By default, your Avatar Complexity is set to Dynamic, which means that other players in your view will switch to cardboard cutouts once too many are on the screen at once or when they reach a certain distance from you. Switching to simple avatars will make all other players into cardboard cutouts, regardless of distance.
Lower the Draw Distance
This means that buildings won’t be rendered past certain distances.


Mac Users:
We have found that non-apple external monitors can cause performance issues, try unplugging these devices.


Laptop Users:
You may want to set your power settings to High Performance

Where do I find my sound settings?

If you are having difficulties with your sound in the Purple World, click the cog menu in the top right corner and open the Mic Settings menu.

You can choose your Microphone on this menu.  Click the button with the mic you would like to use.

On Windows, you can change your Speakers by clicking the “Windows Sound Settings”.  On Mac, please see below for further instructions.



Go to System Preferences



Go to the “Sound” subsection



Here you can choose your audio output and input



Windows 10

Hit the Windows key on your keyboard and type: Sound
Hit Enter.

On this screen, you can choose your output device by clicking on the dropdown menu below the Output section. You can also change your default microphone on this screen under the input section.

Windows 7 & 8

Right-click on the Speaker icon on the bottom right of your screen, and then choose “Playback devices” to go straight to your speaker setup, or “Recording devices” to go to your Mic setup
A window will popup. For setting up the speaker defaults, make sure you are on the “Playback” tab on the top left of the window. Once on the “Playback” menu, right-click on your headset and then click on “Set as Default Device”
Once you set it as the default device, the icon should switch from a telephone icon to a checkmark icon like in the screenshot below.
For the Mic settings, make sure you are on the “Recording” tab and then right-click on the microphone you would like to use, preferably from a headset, and then choose “Set as Default Device”


You may need to relaunch the Purple World for it to recognize the new sound settings.




Reinitialize Voice

Click on the Gear Icon located on the top right of the screen, and then click on “Reinitialize Voice”
How to Take a Poll

Taking a poll

If you want to ask your audience for an opinion, you can use the Poll Everywhere tool to get a quick response and present your results in the Purple World.

For help using Poll Everywhere, please reference their help page


Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.)

You will need to create a free account with them.

Create your poll with Poll Everywhere.


Activate your poll and find the shareable link.


Copy the link by highlighting it and pressing ctrl + C [Windows] or cmd + C [Mac]


In the Purple World, open the tab in the top left corner that displays your username

Select “Broadcast Message”. You might have different options depending on the type of permissions your account has set.

“Broadcast Room Message” broadcasts it in the room you’re in
“Broadcast World Message” broadcast to the whole Campus


Click on the chat bar on the bottom left corner of the screen. Paste in your Poll Everywhere link with Ctrl + V [Windows] or cmd + V [Mac]


Send the broadcast by hitting your enter key. A new window will pop up for all users where they can enter their name so you can see who answered what. If you want to keep it anonymous, you can have them hit the “Skip” button.

Once they choose their answer, they can close the window by clicking on the ” close” button on top

Showing your poll results

In your web browser, find the poll results webpage. Click on the Link icon next to “Live results” to copy the URL

In the Purple World, find a presentation board you would like to use, click on the board to bring up the URL bar, and finally paste the results webpage into the URL bar and press enter


our poll results are now presented on the board!
I Can't Hear Other People

I Can’t Hear Other People

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended to use a headset with a built-in microphone. This reduces noise, echoes, and leads to an overall better audio experience.

Check to see if the avatar you are trying to listen to has a speech bubble over their head. This indicates that they are producing a sound output.

If their avatar does have a speech bubble above their head and you still can’t hear them, this likely means that your computer’s audio output settings need to be changed.


Hit the Windows key  on your keyboard and type: Sound

Hit Enter.
 Once inside the Sound options, choose your desired speakers under “Output” and desired Mic through “Input
Once you choose your desired settings, restart the Purple World, and try talking to someone in the world. There should be a speech bubble over the avatar’s head when talking.

If their avatar does not have a speech bubble above their head, this could indicate an issue with their audio input rather than with your audio output.


Hearing Echo
Often times, issues with hearing echoing in voice chat are caused by using the voice chat without headphones.


The quickest remedy to this issue is to simply plug in a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. Check your computer’s sound settings to be sure that the input and output are correct. Please consult this on the question “Where do I find my sound settings?” 

``PurpleVirtualWorld.exe has stopped working`` (Crashed on Windows)
If this happens before a login screen is displayed, there may be an issue with the graphics capabilities of your computer.


One potential solution is to update your graphics driver.

Click the Start button (the Windows icon) in the lower-left corner of your desktop and type “device manager.” The ‘Best Match’ at the top should be the “Device Manager” application, located in the Control Panel.

If you have administrative privileges, you will be allowed to proceed to the next page. If you do not, please consult your IT manager about updating your graphics card.

Click the carrot to the left of “Display Adapters” to reveal your graphics card device. Right-click this device and select “Update driver.”

You will then be given the option to search for the update to your driver yourself or have Windows search for an update automatically. Click “Search automatically for updated driver software.”



If this did not solve your problem or are not sure if your computer can run The Purple World, please submit a help ticket.

Font and Interface Size
You can change the font and interface size in the Purple World by navigating to the preferences menu.
First, click on the cogwheel icon on the top right of the screen and then click on “Preferences”
Once in the “Preferences” menu, go down to where it says “Font Scale” and click on the desired percentage to make it bigger or smaller.
This will adjust the size of the font, and the interface within the Purple World. Click ‘Save & Close” to save the settings

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